The trend of the time eagerly looks for lifestyles with a sustaining quality criteria, in the realm of physic, psyche and spirit. Recent researches have highlighted the crucial role of FISH OIL - FATTY ACIDS in improving and maintaining the health index of individuals, though other forms of fats are found to be playing a foul part in the fulfillment of human dreams. Specifically, it has been proved that increasing intake of OMEGA -3 FATTY ACIDS remarkably reduces the risk of unexpected cardiac disorders, enriches the neural potentialities and immunizes against a series of infections. The health awareness wave around the globe has been boosted by this new comer - the OMEGA - 3 (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid ). SQUALENE, another prominent pack among the fish oil fatty acid family is an inevitable pharmaceutical ingredient of products used in a variety of fields ranging from cancer  care to comeliness care. We deals with special variety of Fish Oils, especially from Indian costs with an experience for more than a quarter century. The force that made us survive amidst hard times is nothing but the inspiring cooperation of our clients to the quality service we offer. The resources of our devoted R & D wing have always helped us to be the trail blazers of the time.



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